Marcus Sterz

Marcus Sterz, one of FaceType’s founders, is following his passion: designing typefaces. With a background in graphic design he loves to see his work being transformed into something new through the hands of others.
Fonts: Aldrans, Anymals, Bikra, Blitzplakat, Darjeeling, Doll, Dollbats, Flint, Hausbau, Ivory, Letterpress, Lignette, Marlowe, Moki, Notdef, Palma, Pinback, Scrap Outline, Slug, Status, Strangelove, Strangelove Next, Substance, Wenzel

Georg Herold-Wildfellner

What I would set my heart on is graphic design, what I would sell my soul for is type design. Thank God I have a family who occupies both.
Fonts: Aeronaut, Ivory, Mr Moustache, Weingut

Igor Labudovic

Igor Labudovic is an Austrian graphic design student who loves typefaces. He is currently studying at the ‘dieGraphische’ masterclass for graphic design.
With a passion for typefaces he created Brilliant during his diploma 2009/10.
Fonts: Brilliant, Stanzer